And with a broken wing, she still sings...
Tattoo: A Julogan/Jogan/Lulian Dalton!Verse Fanfiction, Chapter 2: Feels Like Home

***WARNING: This chapter is 100% rated R***

It had been a busy month for Julian Larson. Every day he was up at the crack of dawn to head to make-up and begin filming for the next movie he was working on, entitled ‘Parody of A Fool’. As per usual, he was cast as the lead which meant every single day he had to work. On occasion he got an afternoon off, but that was rare.

Sitting on the couch in his hotel room, he flipped open his phone, rolling his eyes as he noted there were two missed calls from Derek, and one from Logan. The boys had been trying to get ahold of him for weeks, but he didn’t answer. Whether it was out of fear of speaking to Logan now that his secret was out, or if it was the idea of Derek complaining about how Logan must be handling whatever drama was happening with Kurt, Julian just couldn’t be bothered by it.

His screen suddenly lit up as he got a text from Derek. With a sigh he opened it, glancing at the message through half-lidded eyes. “Logan had a freak out. Charlie called him out on meds again. Way to answer your phone.”

"Sorry. Busy with a movie and homework. Any physical damage?" Julian responded, taking the chance to change into pajamas as the text was sending and Derek replied.

Looking around the hotel room, Julian sighed. Even after a month of being there, it didn’t feel like home. The hotel rooms never did. Granted, his dorm room at Dalton wasn’t very homy either, but with friends just down the hall, it felt more welcoming than this place.

"A few bruises to himself. Charlie is surprisingly strong. Logan misses you." A roll of the eyes accompanied the reading of the text.

"Sure he does. Just like you, right? How’s the hall? Everyone standing tall during mid-terms?" He chuckled, grinning as the text sent off.

When the reply came back, he could practically hear the angry groan that Derek had given while replying. “Holding up as well as can be expected. And yes, he and I miss you. You shocked him.”

"Well duh. He didn’t expect some idiot to just kiss him out of nowhere." Julian scoffed as he typed out the message.

"He’s been trying to get you back. Give him a chance, will you?"

"I’m done talking about this, Derek. I need to shower and sleep, goodnight." Julian tossed the phone aside onto the nightstand, climbing into bed. He had no intentions of showering tonight, his showers were always in the morning.

As he drifted off to sleep, curled up in the middle of the queen sized hotel bed, he had an unsettling feeling in his gut. He knew nothing was wrong, but he had this feeling something major was about to happen tomorrow, and no matter how he tried, he couldn’t shake it.


"Is he awake yet?" That voice was distinctly Derek’s.

A grunt came from beside him, and he felt the bed shift at the change in pressure. Trying to open his eyes, Julian realized he must be blind-folded. How had he managed to sleep through that?

"Julian? You awake?" Derek’s voice was beside him now, and another shift in pressure assured him that the dark-haired boy was sitting beside him on the bed.

"Derek? Is that you?" Julian’s voice was gruff, it was still early morning and he had yet to do his morning routine.

"Yes, it is. I’m going to remove the blindfold now, but you need to promise not to kill me. Either of us." Derek’s tone was hard, yet quiet.

"I promise." Julian rolled his eyes, then hissed as the bandanna was removed and sunlight hit his eyes.

Once he was able to blink them open, it was then he realized what Derek had meant by ‘either of us’. Logan was standing by the open window, freed of the Dalton uniform, dressed in dark blue jeans and a nice tee shirt and overcoat. His eyes took a moment to adjust to the light, taking the opportunity to gaze at Logan like it was the first time he had ever seen this. This is how it was when he was gone for months, he would gaze at Logan as if he was the best thing on this Earth.

"Julian?" Derek’s voice brought him back to attention.

Turning to face his friend, he braced himself for the worst. He could see the twinkle in Derek’s eye that suggested nothing good was about to happen. He could practically hear the smirk in Logan’s chuckle. He made a small hand motion, encouraging Derek to continue what he was going to say.

"You have the day off from work. We pulled some strings. You two are going to talk this out before we do anything though." Derek told him, a warning tone in his voice just begging him to try and challenge what he had said.

"Why did you leave?" Logan blurted out suddenly, cursing himself for not being able to bring it into the conversation with ease.

"I had to, you know that." Julian shrugged, sitting up and pulling his knees to his chest, arms crossed on top of them with his head resting on his arms.

Logan had never seen Julian in a position like this. He looked fragile, and Logan suddenly wished he knew how to help his friend back to the way he was. The calm, snarky Julian who was always pushing Logan’s buttons. The Julian that Logan had learned over the past month that he truly cared about and wanted to be with.

"You never had to, you idiot." Logan replied, making his way to the bed and sitting beside Julian.

Julian looked up at Logan, his eyes just the slightest bit red around the edges. Staring into Logan’s eyes, he saw a sparkle that had only been there when Logan discussed his love interests. A slight blush covered his cheeks and he hurried turned his gaze away.

"Well.. I think I’m going to go get some breakfast. Be back in an hour or so. Behave." Derek sent a short glare to both of the boys before walking out, and letting out a breath of relief at that fact that his friends were finally making progress in their relationship.

Logan looked up at Julian for a moment, before leaning down and pressing his lips to the soft, pale ones of the actor. Unlike the last time, this kiss was soft and slow, each of them taking a moment to realize that this was truly happening. Julian was still trying to wrap his head around everything that was going on as he felt Logan’s arm encircle his waist, pulling him even closer to the tall blond.

Immediately, Julian’s arms found his way around Logan’s neck as he deepened the kiss, craving more from his lover. He shivered when Logan’s tongue gently pried his lips apart and began to explore every inch of his talented mouth.

As he explored Julian’s mouth, Logan noted with amusement that it tasted faintly of strawberry’s and redvines. This was what he had missed out on for years, always looking past Julian to anyone that he thought could bring him pleasure. ‘I’m such a fool’ he mused internally, ‘all the pleasure I’ve ever needed is right here.’

Julian was in heaven. Slowly, he moved to pin Logan on the bed, determined to have the upper hand. Running his hand down his lovers side, Julian grinned and began to pepper feather-light kisses on Logan’s neck. The sounds he heard coming from the blond was all the encouragement he needed to continue his actions.

Logan tilted his head back, panting. The familiar tightening of his pants was ever so obvious, but he noticed that Julian refused to go any faster. He groaned and murmured, “Fuck me.”

"What was that?" Julian looked up with a cheshire-cat style grin.

"Dammit Julian quit playing around and fuck me already!" Logan practically shouted.

"Now now, Logey," Julian cooed with a chuckle, "patience is a virtue."

"You won’t need virtue’s when I kill you for taking so long." The blond muttered quietly, tilting his head back when a talented mouth latched onto his neck.

As he was sucking on Logan’s neck, Julian slowly began to remove his shirt. Following that was Logan’s shirt, and then Logan’s pants. Once those pesky clothes were shed, he ran a hand over the bulge in his lovers dark red boxers.

"J-julian!" Logan groaned, thrusting his hips upward into the warm touch.

Julian just grinned and leaned down, blowing hot air onto the bulge gently. Upon hearing a rather loud groan, he brushed his lips over the erection as he slowly removed Logan’s boxers, effectively leaving the boy naked and open for Julian to finally admire. He paused in his actions to just gaze at his lover.

Logan squirmed a bit under the gaze Julian gave him. He had always been confident in his body, but as he watched Julian take in everything he had to offer, he couldn’t help but feel slightly self-conscious. Julian was an actor, after all. He had seen many people naked, and had sex with quite a few. What was there for Logan to offer him?

"Absolutely beautiful." Julian commented softly as he leaned down and pulled Logan’s erection into his mouth, electing a startled gasp from that savory mouth.

Logan was in pure bliss as the talented mouth of his lover brought him closer and closer to his peak. It had been a year since he had done anything sexual with anyone but himself. He had to admit, even after all that time, sex was still his favorite thing in the whole world. Feeling skin against skin as you and your partner work to draw each other to the peak first, shouting each others names as you orgasmed. Yes, that was bliss.

Julian concentrated on the task at hand, humming as his hand grazed down Logan’s inner thighs. He could tell Logan was so very close, and truthfully, Julian felt a sense of pride as he began to deep-throat his lover, effectively pushing him over the edge. For Julian, it wasn’t just the pleasure of finally experiencing Logan Wright for himself, it was the experience of giving someone an orgasm without penetration.

Logan panted as he came down from his post-sex high, smiling sleepily at Julian. He watched as the brunette cleaned him off, and then cuddled up close.

"Well, Mr. Larson," Logan remarked softly, with a joking undertone, "I never figured you would be one for cuddling."

"Funny you should mention that, Mr. Wright." Julian smirked, "Never pegged you for a cuddler, either."

"I have my moments." Logan mused softly, yawning as he pulled Julian even closer.

"Tired?" Julian chuckled, receiving a short glare from the blond.

"Hush. Haven’t gotten a blow-job in a long time, plus I was up all night making arrangements to come here and drag your ass back to Dalton." Logan replied.

"I don’t know, Logan." Julian’s voice was suddenly quiet.

"Julian, come on man, no more game’s. I’m yours and you’re mine now, okay?" Logan tried to reassure his lover, giving him a dazzling smile.

"No more lusting after Kurt?" Julian’s voice was just above a whisper.

"No more. I promise." Logan kissed Julian’s cheek, before yawning again.

"Let’s get some sleep. After this movie deal, I’ll return to Dalton." Julian yawned as well, a reaction to seeing Logan yawn.

"What about all the paperwork? Do you have time for that?" Logan’s voice held minimum concern, he knew the actor could simply hire someone to sign it for him.

"I never truly left, Logan," Julian admitted sheepishly, "I just said I did to see if you would follow."

"You what?!" Logan glared down at his friend for a few long moments.

Julian shrugged, “I did what I had to, to finally get you to notice me.”

"I was pretty dense, huh?" Logan was a bit too tired to fully register that Julian had honestly lied to him about something so major.

"Yes." Julian’s tone was teasing, but he smiled, "Get some sleep Logan."

"You too…" Logan muttered as he drifted off to sleep.

Julian smiled and pulled the covers over them, content to lay there until sleep overcame his tired and worn-down body. Maybe after this movie he’d take a year or two off, focus on study’s, and his new boyfriend. That was another thought for another time though, now he had to focus on his return to Dalton.

'I really do have to thank Derek later for pushing me so hard when it came to the issue of loving Logan,' Julian mused softly, 'but that can be saved for later. Until then, I'm going to enjoy having my boyfriend cuddled into my side as he sleeps.'


Many Hours later, Derek and Logan were on a plane back to Ohio. They had spent the day with Julian, shopping and playing video games. They had been sure to catch Julian up on all the wonderful drama he had missed in the month he had been gone, and whenever Derek wasn’t looking, Julian and Logan would share quick kisses.

"Happy now?" Derek eyed Logan warily.

"Yes, actually. I am." Logan replied, heading resting back against the seat of the plane.

"You still need your medication." Derek reminded him.

"Oh I know. You know though, maybe one day I won’t need them." Logan commented, voice soft and filled with hope.

"Maybe one day.." Derek nodded, looking out the window as the Westerville airport came into view.

"Home Sweet Home" The blond muttered as he felt the plane beginning to land.

"Just think," Derek teased, "Only two more months without Julian."

"Two months too long." Logan answered.